Sharon Stone had a taste of her own medicine last night (22JUL04) when she appeared on chat show THE GRAHAM NORTON EFFECT and was shocked to the core by saucy fans' chat-up lines.

The Basic Instinct star teamed up with actress Mena Suvari to judge a pick-up line competition, but had no idea it would be so shocking.

One fan offered, "Girl, I'd like every bone in your body, including mine," which the ladies insisted, "We like it," but it was one shocker that left Stone reeling.

The cheeky contestant said, "Sharon, I understand you're an animal lover, so I was wondering if you've ever kissed a rabbit between the ears," before pulling out the lining of his trouser pockets.

Shocked Stone was left speechless and promptly hit the reject button on a desk in front of her, first with her hand, then her foot and then her head.

The winner of the saucy contest was an audience member, whose line was, "If we were both squirrels, would you let me bust a nut in your hole?"

And the surprises didn't stop there for Stone - she was also serenaded by a British fan, called Owen, after he posted a cheeky ad on an internet site, offering to sing to Stone for $18 (GBP10).

Stone clutched a GBP10 note as Norton called the fan, waking him up as he slept.

Owen crooned, "Sharon, I love better than bacon and eggs/Sharon I love you when you uncross your legs," referring to her shocking BASIC INSTINCT vagina scene.

Thrilled Stone giggled through the tribute tune.

23/07/2004 19:41