Hollywood actress Sharon Stone is revelling in motherhood a second time around, because she now has a strong support "village" of females in her life.

The BASIC INSTINCT star, 47, adopted newborn LAIRD VONNE earlier this month (MAY05), and she's found it to be a completely different experience to when she adopted son ROAN in 2000, when she was still married to PHIL BRONSTEIN.

She says, "I couldn't possibly imagine that it could get better after having the experience of being a mother to Roan. But the only thing better than one is two. He's a boy, and he's called Laird Vonne - that's my middle name and my aunt's name.

"I think it is important to be a good friend and think I am very fortunate to have that 'village' that Hillary Clinton talks about... Certainly in this time of Laird coming into my life, I've had the best time of my life. More support and love and kindness then at any other time."

But Stone is also proud of her ability to accomplish things independently.

She adds, "I've found that... a single woman can do it all, and I would encourage all single women to stand up and show that you can do these things on your own."

17/05/2005 08:23