Hollywood beauty Sharon Stone paid tribute to her Basic Instinct 2 co-star Stan Collymore for coming to her rescue during a terrifying underwater scene. Stone's CATHERINE TRAMELL character romps with retired English soccer ace Collymore's Kevin Franks in a car while driving by London's River Thames, before the vehicle plunges into the water. The blonde actress admits she had a scary moment when her stiletto heel became trapped in the sinking motor, and Collymore rushed to help her. She says, "Working with Stan was extraordinary. He is the loveliest, most chivalrous, most charming and most professional person. And because of that, when this incident happened, I felt really confident. "I've done a lot of stunts in movies and I have never done anything that was as difficult or demanding as that sequence. "It was physically very difficult to be underwater for so long and it's also really daunting to have that drowning effect over and over again, it's psychologically very oppressive. "You can't do that unless you are partnering someone you really trust. We built a really solid bond of trust. There's no one I would have felt safer with than Stan." Despite her trust for Collymore, the former Liverpool FC player hit the headlines in 1998 when he punched his girlfriend Ulrika Jonsson in public.