Hollywood A-listers Sharon Stone and Christian Slater are reportedly spending Christmas together.

Romantic rumours about the couple's pairing have been in the air since they met whilst filming Bobby, the story of U.S. senator Robert F. Kennedy assassinated in 1968.

The pair have even graced the red carpet together, including the recent Dolce And Gabbana party in Los Angeles but insist they are just good friends.

However, the infamous 'source close to the stars' said the couple are full of festive cheer for each other: "They're both really happy but they don't have long-term expectations...It's a fun fling for the holidays and Sharon is a good influence. She rarely drinks and has three kids. It's a good match for now."

Slater, 42, divorced from his wife of five years Ryan Haddon who he had two children with. He has previously dated Winona Ryder and Christy Turlington.

The Basic Instinct star, 48, has three adopted boys named Roan, Laird and Quinn but the source seems sure that a spare space could be made at the Stone's family Christmas dinner table! Could this rumour carry on until the new year?

20/12/2006 08:15:10