Movie star Sharon Stone thanked Basic Instinct creator Joe Eszterhas for writing her role in the movie, by having a one-night stand with him.

The Hollywood screenwriter claims Stone, 45, had sex with him as a thank you gift for helping launch her Tinseltown career in the 1992 film.

Eszterhas says, "Frankly, I didn't attach too much significance to my one-night stand with Sharon Stone.

"I'd had one-night stands in Hollywood and so, I guess, had she.

"I figured that since I had written the biggest hit of her life for her, she was just saying thank you.

"I knew that Sharon Stone thought that she was flattering me that night. But still - Basic Instinct had been a number one box-office across the world.

"I felt I deserved her."

25/01/2004 10:11