The scene in which Sharon Stone opens her legs to reveal she isn't wearing underwear in erotic thriller Basic Instinct has been crowned the sexiest screen moment ever.

The infamous episode in the 1992 film - which sees Stone uncrossing her legs while a detective played by Michael Douglas quizzes her about a murder - has landed first place a new poll by Britain's CHANNEL 4 to find the top 100 saucy scenes in TV and movie history.

The moment Barbara Windsor's character receives an examination dressed in a heart-shaped bikini in CARRY ON DOCTOR bagged second place in the survey, while British TV chef Nigella Lawson's seductive food-tasting techniques came third.

Mena Suvari lying naked in rose petals in American Beauty came fourth, with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze's romantic session on the pottery wheel in Ghost completing the top five.

19/11/2003 02:32