Sharon Stone was so determined to look "thin and feral" in the Basic Instinct sequel she stopped eating, terrifying family, friends and producers. Movie executives behind BASIC INSTINCT 2 were so worried about the actress' extreme methods to lose weight they even approached her parents and asked them to intervene in an effort to persuade Stone to stop fasting. She says, "I wanted to be so weirdly thin for the movie and the producers were so upset with me because they thought I looked terrible. "They didn't understand what I was going for because I wanted this moment in the film, when I looked so feral that it was scary. I wanted a moment where I would lean over in this backless dress and you would see the ribs in my back and it looked like my character, CATHERINE TRAMELL, was going to eat her prey. "We decided we needed a costume where we took all the excess fabric and just kept taking it in. I just stopped eating so we could create that moment and everybody was upset. "The producers came and talked to my parents. They said, 'You've got to get her to eat. Can we get her a chef? Why isn't she eating?'"