Sharon Stone likes to ''reinvent'' old trends.

The 'Catwoman' actress - who once wore a Gap turtleneck to The Oscars - does not believe she has had a direct effect on how women view fashion but likes to put her own twist on looks from the past.

She said: ''Did I play a small part in fashion evolution? I don't think so, because I think people did that a lot in the beatnik era [of the 1950's], which was something that I've always thought was a beautiful time in fashion. I think that it's happened many times, cyclically, through fashion and we repeat back to that.

''You know, people did that in the 1920's. I think it's something that happens in fashion cycles, and it cycles in different ways and we take from different periods in time. We take classic things and take them with things that are happening currently in culture, but we reinvent them.''

However, while she likes to experiment with her look, Sharon does not like to wear anything she finds uncomfortable.

She told ''Comfort always inspires me, but I think classicism, again, is really always important to me. I like clean lines.''