Sharon Stone misses smoking cigars since she was told to clean up after suffering a brain aneurysm.

The movie star used to love puffing on cigars after her pal SYLVESTER STALLONE turned her onto them.

The actress tells America's CIGAR AFICIONADO magazine, "(Sly is) a great guy to be with. And he's a great raconteur and a great cigar smoker.

"I used to like them (cigars) now and again in the right environment. I love it when you're in a tropical setting. The more jungle tropic it is, the better.

"When it's in its natural cultural environment, the more I like it. Then it's marvellous. That's when it makes sense."

Stone cut tobacco and alcohol out of her life after suffering an aneurysm in 2001.

07/07/2004 13:45