Sharon Stone asked for the 'All I Wish' plot to be changed before she signed up to the movie.

The 60-year-old actress wanted the movie to be told more ''honestly from a woman's perspective'' and asked to play the 25-year-old protagonist rather than the mother, as she was originally asked to play.

She said: ''I said, 'Wouldn't it be more interesting if a woman who was turning 50 didn't have her life fully together, didn't know what she wanted to do and be?' ... I think it tells the story more honestly from a woman's perspective. It's written by a woman, directed by a woman, a lot of women on our crew. I just felt like we were telling a story that we've seen before but from a very different point of view.''

And Sharon has revealed how male-oriented the industry was in the past.

Speaking to The Today Show about her start in the industry, she added: ''I was the only woman on set, where really, maybe the costume designer was the only other woman. Even hair and make-up, when I started working, were all men.''

Meanwhile, Sharon previously praised the Time's Up campaign for making women ''happier''.

She said: ''I really, particularly, applaud these younger women who organised themselves and created a distinct, thoughtful group to allow us all to have a place to not just publicly but also privately vent and tell our stories, to speak.

''I see women looking different! I see women celebrating themselves differently. I see women happier. It is so exciting to not be pitted against one another. [Before], you would be told, 'Don't do that. That person will be jealous of you and they won't like you.' There were all these ideas made up so that women would never become bonded with each other.''