Sharon Stone wants to grow old gracefully.

The 55-year-old actress believes women shouldn't fight signs of ageing with invasive surgery and is proud of looking so natural at her age.

She told Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''I have never been a person who lies about their age. I've always thought that ageing is something we should grow into, not try to fight.''

The 'Lovelace' star is a self-confessed gym addict and likes working out as much as possible because she enjoys the adrenaline rush, especially when it comes to water sports.

Sharon said: ''I do a lot of exercise because I enjoy it. I go to the gym, which is how I clear my mind when life gets overwhelming.

''I love everything in the water - I love to be in a boat, and I'm just now learning how to paddleboard, which is really fun.''

The blonde is also a fan of dancing and tries to incorporate the activity into her daily life - wherever she may be in the world.

She said: ''I dance a lot - when I'm in a hotel room I push back the furniture to clear a big space, put the music on and dance and dance.

''Plus, I have three growing boys to run after, which keeps you fit in itself.''