Sharon Stone pins images of her magazine shoots in her kitchen.

The 'Fading Gigolo' star - who raises sons Roan, 13, Laird, eight, and seven-year-old Quinn - puts her children's homework and art on display where she can see them when preparing food, and when she has images of herself published they're added to the wall as well.

Sharon explained on US Chat show 'The Talk': ''I have little children and their birthdays are this month, they're gonna be eight and nine and 14. And so we have, I put all their homework up in the kitchen, we put up everything they do when they get good marks and their art and when I get a picture in a magazine we tape it up with the homework.''

Sharon - who split from boyfriend Martin Mica in January 2013 - made it onto PEOPLE magazine's 50 Most Beautiful Women 2014 list, which Lupita Nyong'o topped, but her son insists she's his number one.

She gushed: ''My nine year old goes 'Mummy's in the magazine', he goes 'It's right there on the wall, and she's the number one.'''