Gorgeous movie star Sharon Stone is looking for a "sexy young man" - less than three weeks after splitting from journalist hubby Phil Bronstein (4JUL03).

The BASIC INSTINCT stunner, 45, hopes to trap a toy boy by revamping her image like Charlie's Angels: FULL THROTTLE beauty Demi Moore.

Sharon has already been spotted sharing late-night drinks with OSCAR-winning hunk Adrien Brody, who is 15 years her junior.

A source tells Britain's DAILY STAR SUNDAY, "Sharon is ready to star in hot young movies and start seeing hot younger men.

"As soon as it was announced that Phil had filed for divorce, Sharon asked a close female friend if she knew any good-looking young guys.

"Sharon's getting a full-time trainer and putting herself on a strict diet.

"She's had a new hairdo to make her look younger and wants to be sexy and glamorous like Demi."

20/07/2003 14:00