Sharon Stone claims she hasn't worked out in months.

The 56-year-old actress stopped going to the gym earlier this year because she ''didn't feel like it,'' but admits she still feels under pressure to look good in a bikini while on holiday and worries about cellulite.

The 'Basic Instinct' star told E! News: ''I haven't worked out in a couple of months because I just didn't feel like it.

''But now I'm going on vacation and I know what they're going to do--[magazines] are going to put a circle around my a** and do one of those crazy magnified pictures saying, 'What happened to her a••? It's a bag of cheese.' I would just like to say it's a fine triple crème Brie!''

She jokingly added: ''Right when they zoom in I should have a tattoo on my a** that says, 'You wish you could get a bite of this.' ''

The blonde beauty recently revealed she is ''available for dating'' again after deciding to remain single when her sons, Roan, 13, Laird, eight, and Quinn, seven, ''were little.''

She said: ''What's happened is my kids have reached the age where I feel comfortable to date.

''I didn't want to date when they were little. Who needs a bunch of people running in and out of their lives?

''Now I feel comfortable dating ... I am available for dating.''