Hollywood beauty Sharon Stone's marriage to newspaper executive PHIL BRONSTEIN crumbled because she never wanted to wed in the first place.

The Basic Instinct babe recently filed for divorce from Bronstein, her third husband, earlier this year (03), and has revealed that she only went through with the wedding because of her "square" husband's wishes.

Sharon sighs, "I've always been like a hippie so I didn't really want to get married. Phil really wanted to do it. He's square, let's just say.

"We had this fabulous wedding - Ray Charles played and it was a great party. But even on the day of the wedding I told him, 'The marriage is for you, the party's for me.'

Regretting her third split, the CASINO star continues, "I took the marriage very seriously and there were many aspects that I found incredibly comforting. Like the fact that I didn't have to find a date. I already had a really smart, good-looking one. He always looked good in a tuxedo.

"I loved having a marriage, creating a family and having ROAN in my life. It was also very stabilising for me and helped me in this crazy thing of being a star."

07/09/2003 10:51