Sharon Stone has claimed that ''love'' has stopped her from feeling weighed down by the significance of turning 60.

The 'Basic Instinct' actress hit the milestone age earlier this month, and has said that although she believed she would feel as though she'd been ''hit in the head with a boulder'' after her birthday, she insists her loved ones have kept her spirits up.

She said: ''I thought it was going to hit me in the head like a boulder off the side of the hill while driving on Mulholland. But it seems that I'm landing on doves, because of all of the love, and just ... Love. There's so much love in my life, and it's so touching and beautiful. It's just so beautiful. It's just so beautiful.''

Whilst most people in their 60s are starting to think about retiring, Sharon is in the midst of a career resurgence, and says landing roles as an older actress feels like a win for women.

She added: ''It used to be the only stories about women knowing another woman or other women were either if they f***ed the same guy, they were f***ed over by the same guy or they were stuck together. While men may want to think we create our relationships all around the idolisation of men, this is not how women relate to each other.''

The 'Casino' star's comeback coincides with the wider Time's Up movement - which aims to end the mistreatment of women in Hollywood - and the star has praised the campaign for making women ''happier''.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''I really, particularly, applaud these younger women who organised themselves and created a distinct, thoughtful group to allow us all to have a place to not just publicly but also privately vent and tell our stories, to speak.

''I see women looking different! I see women celebrating themselves differently. I see women happier.

''It is so exciting to not be pitted against one another. [Before], you would be told, 'Don't do that. That person will be jealous of you and they won't like you.' There were all these ideas made up so that women would never become bonded with each other.''