Movie star Sharon Stone has found God after a near-death experience and a series of little miracles in her life.

The Basic Instinct actress has become a different person after suffering a brain haemorrhage in September 2001, and she feels recovering from that has taught her how to be closer to God on a daily basis.

She explains, "I'm a person who doesn't just believe in miracles. I count on them as a way of life.

"I've always been a spiritual person and it's clear to me that God has a plan and a purpose for me. I walk in the joy and ease of that.

"I just had to surrender the remainder of my resistance. I'm so clear that I didn't live for nothing. I passed through such a narrow corridor to arrive here in safety that I have to give it up.

"It's not that it changed me as much as it relieved the remainder of my fears."

Stone claims she saw the bright light that many people who survive near-death experiences recount, and she came face to face with many beloved relatives and friends who have died.

She adds, "I blew into that white light thing and you don't need to miss them (dead loved ones) because they're only just an inch away. They know you, see you, care for you. You shouldn't feel distant from them."

Stone is taking her new-found love of God to TV next month (SEP03) in American - she'll play a lawyer who believes that God talks to her legal drama The Practice.

29/08/2003 01:45