The 58-year-old Law & Order star took to the stage at Santa Clara University in California on Friday (18Nov16) during a symposium on sexual assaults on college campuses.

Stone wiped away tears as she read out excerpts from the letter, written by the unidentified victim who was raped while unconscious by former Stanford University student Brock Turner last year (15).

Called the Emily Doe letter, it went viral on social media in light of the rape trial and Turner's sentence, which was a meagre six months. He was released early due to good behaviour, only serving half of his sentence.

"A night of drinking can ruin two lives, you and me," the victim wrote. "You are the cause, I am the effect. You have dragged me through hell with you, dipped me back into that night again and again."

After the 25-minute long reading, mother-of-three Stone called the letter "monumentally powerful" and said it was impossible to read "without having it just impale your heart and soul".

"There are many Emily Does, many women who have not been heard, and we need to change the culture and the laws" around sexual assault, said the Basic Instinct star, who said she felt the case was "poorly handled."

"It is an outrageous situation - her situation and this situation and this culture - that someone, anyone, can say that they are a sexual assault perpetrator and continue on with their life as though it has not happened," she added.

Santa Clara University held the symposium, which was attended by several law enforcement officers as well as students and administrators, in an effort to address how sexual assaults are treated on campus.