Sharon Stone was so intrigued when the American tabloids linked her romantically with Goldie Hawn's son OLIVER after her marriage break-up, she sought out pictures of the young hunk to see what he looked like.

Stone insists the rumours were untrue, but even she was drawn in by them.

She says, "They said I had a date with Kate Hudson's brother and I didn't know she had a brother, so we looked him up on the internet to see what my phantom date looked like. He looked nice but there was no date."

The actress has yet to start dating after the breakup with husband PHIL BRONSTEIN earlier this year (03).

She adds, "I've had some calls and I talk to nice people on the phone. I'm just not ready.

"It's really an overwhelming thought for me right now. I'm trying to take it easy."

15/09/2003 21:13