Newly single Sharon Stone had an odd premonition her marriage to PHIL BRONSTEIN was doomed to fail when she was interviewed for the documentary Searching for Debra Winger.

The Basic Instinct actress agreed to chat with Rosanna Arquette for the movie, which focuses on how Hollywood's top actresses balance their careers and their families.

The movie debuts on American cable TV on Monday (18AUG03), but it was shot last year (02) - when Stone was still happily married.

But, even then, Stone knew she was struggling to hold her marriage together.

She told Arquette, "I was over the dating scene and then I met Phil and he destroyed my whole set up because I had thought, 'You can't be in that business and be a movie star, and certainly be famous - because it can be so daunting.

"Primarily, men want to be in that space."

15/08/2003 09:21