Sharon Stone has discovered a big plus to her 2001 brain aneurysm - she never gains weight.

The BASIC INSTINCT star almost died when she suffered the aneurysm a week after the 9/11 terror attacks and claims the trauma cost her weight she has never been able to gain back.

And now, medicine she takes daily to avoid another major brain attack, helps her stay thin, even though she eats more than ever.

She says, "I take some stuff, some medicine, that I got after the brain thing that makes me thin.

"When I was sick I lost a lot of my body mass and I never gained it back.

"In like 11 days I lost something like 18 per cent of my body mass and you just shift. I went in there my regular size - I was between an eight and a 10, and when I'd go on the movies... I'd be a six.

"When I went into hospital, I was like an eight-10, and, when I walked out of the hospital, I was a four. Now I'm like a six."

28/05/2004 02:33