Rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne is so intent on her children having safe sex, she keeps a box full of condoms in their home.

Sharon, wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, often speaks to her children AIMEE, KELLY and JACK about safe sex and discourages them from promiscuity.

She says, "I always draw on my own mistakes, all the messing around and the huge mistakes that I made growing up and I hope that they will learn from that.

"I just keep telling them how special they and you just cannot give your body to casual friends because the bottom line is, these people when you're growing up are casual friends.

"We have a huge bag of TROJAN rubbers at home - I'm serious. And they know that they always have to have protected sex. There is no option. Unless it's protected, there is no sex."

03/02/2004 10:43