Sharon Osbourne has furiously hit back at American Senator Bob Dole, after he criticised her son JACK during his stint in rehab.

Jack, 17, went into a rehab clinic earlier this year (03) after giving in to the temptations of drugs and alcohol.

And during his recovery time, Jack happened to tune into news show 60 MINUTES, where he listened to Dole say, "Does Hollywood still think Ozzy OSBOURNE is funny now that he's shipped his underage son off to rehab? America is awash in reality TV and the reality is, it's debasing and degrading."

And on her new show THE SHARON OSBOURNE SHOW, the rock matriarch took the opportunity to hit back at Dole today (18SEP03) during a special episode about addiction.

She said, "With much respect to Senator Dole for all the good he's done for this country while he's been in office. When it comes to addiction I do think that Senator Dole is somewhat ignorant and I don't think that he understands the world as it is today for teenagers.

"Senator Dole, you're 80 years of age, which is magnificent, I applaud you. But how can you possibly understand what is happening in the world today as far as teenagers, especially in this country?

"Addiction has no boundaries. It doesn't matter - rich, poor, black, white, what religion you are, whether you are on a reality TV show in Hollywood or not."

But Jack, who appeared on the show to talk about his past problems, took the attack to another level, when he commented to his mother, "You said Bob Dole's done stuff? The only thing he's ever done is endorse Viagra."

As the audience cheered, Sharon rapidly responded, "Jack, aren't the Osbournes in enough trouble already? We don't need anymore. Please!"

19/09/2003 09:10