Music matriarch Sharon Osbourne is worried her colon cancer could return - nearly two years after beating the disease.

The redhead star of reality TV show The Osbournes was diagnosed with cancer in July 2002 and underwent a course of chemotherapy.

Sharon says, "I'm doing really well, but I sometimes feel the cancer will come back because why should I be the lucky one?

"Why should I be among that small percentage where it doesn't pop up somewhere else?"

Sharon admits she's hasn't been following her macrobiotic diet and works too hard, much to the annoyance of her doctors and children JACK, KELLY and AIMEE.

She explains, "I should diet and do what the doctors tell me but I'm as f**ked up as the next person. Ozzy and the kids are always on at me about what I eat and the hours I work. I could choose to go to bed early and drink lots of water and eat lots of lettuce.

"I want to do it all now. I love my life. I don't want to save it, I want to live it."

01/09/2004 13:27