Sharon Osbourne's first day as a chat show host turned into a very teary affair - she sobbed through an interview with country star Wynonna Judd and then made a family weep by handing out generous gifts.

The reality TV matriarch couldn't hide her emotions when she chatted with Judd after she performed new song HEAVEN HELP ME.

Osbourne confessed the song had touched her deeply and then began to sob, leaving Judd to say, "She is a softie at heart. I love to see a strong woman be soft."

The new chat show host was so upset she had to take off her false eyelashes.

Then Sharon thrilled the eight kids of the SCOTT-CARDIGAN family, whose parents died earlier this summer (03), by presenting them with shopping vouchers, a new car, and free counselling.

And there was more - Sharon's generous husband Ozzy handed the kids $1,000 (GBP625,000) each to "live life".

The show also had it's funny moments - a cameraman was banished from the studio when Judd's pet dog ANGEL kept growling at him.

Sharon explained, "Angel is a guest in the house and we're not going to be upsetting the guests."

THE SHARON OSBOURNE SHOW began its run on American TV today (15SEP03).

15/09/2003 21:13