Sharon Osbourne's planned night of passion with her rocker husband Ozzy turned out disastrously - when she left a bundle of false fingernails stuck in his back.

The outspoken rock matriarch was given the inspiration by CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER, whom she visited on the set of BARBERSHOP 2 for the SHARON OSBOURNE SHOW.

During the interview, the comedian gave Sharon a manicure and added extensions to her fingernails, telling her to get her "freak on" Ozzy that night by digging her nails into his back.

Sharon says, "He gave me a manicure and then told me to get my freak on with my husband. I didn't know what that was. I'm going to him, 'What's a freak on, what do I do?' And he goes, 'You get those nails and you scratch your husband's back.'

"But you know happened? Cedric put on these gorgeous long nails for me, then I got my freak on with my husband and I grabbed his back and the little f***ers all popped off! So I had nothing on my hands and they were stuck on his back. All these nails were on my husband! So my freak on didn't work!"

26/09/2003 02:09