Sharon Osbourne believes she'd have ended up in jail if she didn't leave her family behind to marry rocker Ozzy Osbourne.

The rock matriarch had a dysfunctional relationship with her music manager parents DON and HOPE ARDEN when she was growing up in London, and once she met Ozzy, she decided to severe her ties with them and set up a new life elsewhere.

She says, "I loved Ozzy so much. He was the only man I've loved other than my father, and he gave me the strength to leave.

"Ozzy was normal compared to my family. Nobody really knew what was going on behind the scenes in my family. I did everything for my father, who was really shady. I didn't whatever he wanted - lie, sign (papers), whatever - I would do it for him.

"If the s**t hit the fan, everything was in my name; the tax man would have come after me. Every time I signed something (for him), I think I was getting deeper into trouble.

"I honestly believe that if Ozzy hadn't come into my life and I hadn't had the courage to leave my family, I would have ended up in jail."

25/11/2004 02:08