TV star Sharon Osbourne has decided to give up wearing fur once and for all, because it contradicts her love for animals.

Sharon and her rocker husband Ozzy Osbourne often wore fur back in the 1980s, but quickly gave it up - only to resume wearing it again in recent years.

She says, "Many years ago, Ozzy and I decided we were gonna get rid of all the fur in the house, no more fur coats, no fur rugs. We got rid of everything and gave the money to charity.

"And then slowly, as fur's been coming back in and out of fashion, I must say I have been buying fur again and I'm just gonna say I don't really know why I do it and I know I shouldn't 'cause I love animals so much.

"How vain am I to know how this fur got on my collar? Something had to die to get this on my collar, yet I still wear it and it's all because of vanity and fashion. I shouldn't do it. (My son) JACK put a sign a sign on my door and he said, 'Only a-holes wear fur.' And he's right."

Sharon has now decided to sell off the last two offending items in her wardrobe - a $25,000 (GBP13,880) coat and a VALENTINO fur trimmed sweater - on her website SHARONOSBOURNE.COM, with proceeds going to animal rights organisation PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS.

04/02/2004 01:48