Sharon Osbourne is urging Victoria Beckham to stand by her soccer star husband DAVID BECKHAM - despite accusations of infidelity.

The seemingly perfect romance between the British superstars has been pushed under the spotlight this month (APR04), after David's former personal assistant Rebecca Loos made public claims of an affair with the Real Madrid player.

But rock matriarch Sharon, wife and manager of former Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne, is urging Victoria - formerly known as POSH SPICE - to stand by her man.

She says, "All I can say is, it happens - when you're so beautiful these things happen - and not to give up.

"Do not split up, because you're a fabulous couple and you'll get over it. You're young, your marriage is new, and you've got your whole lives together just move on. Don't give up. Don't leave your husband, Posh!"

21/04/2004 09:24