Rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne has vowed to make more time for herself after dedicating the past 30 years to her family.

The busy star has been forced to juggle parental duties for her three children, alongside being a manager for rocker husband Ozzy.

But at 52-years-old, she is finally taking time out to live her own life.

She says, "When I was young, I'd feel guilty if I didn't spend every second with my kids.

"But I had to be with my husband for work.

"So it was guilt, guilt, guilt - the whole time.

"I'd wake up in the morning with a constant guilt which grew and grew.

"I'd spent my entire 20s doing things for other people - for my dad, for Ozzy and for my children.

"Now it's Sharon time - I love my life and I want to live.

"It's finally time to make me happy."