Sharon Osbourne is so fixated with the hit movie Kill Bill: VOLUME 1, she invited the film's director Quentin Tarantino onto her chat show.

The rock matriarch, who has seen the gory film four times, waltzed onto the set of her SHARON OSBOURNE SHOW yesterday morning (03NOV03) alongside Tarantino, after arriving at the studio in one of Kill Bill's most noted props - the PUSSY WAGON.

And the wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne took time out to reveal to Tarantino that her eldest daughter AIMEE recently had an uninvited ride in the truck.

She told him, "My daughter Aimee was in Westwood (California) and you'd parked the Pussy Wagon. You didn't lock it because she was inside the Pussy Wagon taking pictures.

"She took all these photos in there, came back and then had them processed within an hour. She said, 'Look mum, he left it open - look what we were doing in the car!' She was behind the wheel smiling. She was posing in there."

A stunned Tarantino joked, "Where did my condoms go?"

Before leaving, the film-maker also made Sharon an honorary member of the film's DEADLY VIPER ASSASSINATION SQUAD, by giving her a special eye patch emblazoned with the letter C for Cobra.

04/11/2003 01:53