Sharon Osbourne believes she is successful because she is "short, fat and hairy".

The TV star - who began her career as a rock manager - worked a lot harder to have a thriving career because of her imperfections.

Sharon - who has undergone multiple cosmetic procedures to improve her looks - told Psychologies magazine: "My achievements are down to my looks, or lack of them. I'm not putting myself down, that's the truth.

"Being short, fat and hairy means you have to develop a brain and personality and be fun and smart and learn to get on with people and make deals."

Sharon - who was involved in the music business from a young age through her father, legendary rock manager Don Arden - managed her husband Ozzy Osbourne for more than 20 years before turning herself and her family into a TV success, by agreeing to appear on MTV reality series 'The Osbournes'.

Sharon, 56, insists it was even harder forging a successful career in the music world because of her plain appearance.

She added: "In the music business in the 70s, girls were beautiful. You were a performer, or you could be a girlfriend or groupie, but you still had to look good. I didn't have the face or the body that opens doors.

"I didn't have any talent, either, and I left school with barely a single qualification. If I'd been pretty my life would probably have been very different. Not being beautiful was an education."

After 'The Osbournes', Sharon went on to become a popular judge on British TV talent show 'The X Factor' from 2004 to 2007 and since then has been a member of the judging panel on US programme 'America's Got Talent'.

She has written two autobiographies and is now writing her first novel, entitled 'Revenge'.