Sharon Osbourne was left reeling with embarrassment during a chat with pals, after her dog polluted the air by breaking wind.

Pooch-loving Sharon, wife of former Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy Osbourne was chatting with pals backstage on the set of her SHARON OSBOURNE SHOW, when the unfortunate incident happened.

She says, "These dogs are gonna be the ruin of me! Earlier on, I'm sat in my dressing room and I'm there with my girlfriends and we're having a little chat. They're all posh girlfriends - all very rich girls from New York.

"We're sat there and I'm sipping my tea and suddenly there's (a loud noise) and it came from my direction. They look at me and I looked behind and It's LOLA! She did the biggest fart and they thought it was me. I'm like, 'I swear it's not me!' And it stunk!

"They were looking at me like, 'How rude! Those Osbournes!' I'm like, 'I swear it's Lola, it's not me!'"

23/10/2003 02:00