Rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne is urging the American public to shun the new tell-all book by DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES' former butler Paul Burrell.

The outspoken wife of Ozzy Osbourne declares she's disgusted with Burrell's move to write controversial novel A ROYAL DUTY, which includes excerpts of letters claiming to show, among other things, that Diana - who died in a 1997 car crash - feared a plot to harm her in a car accident.

And Sharon is supporting the late royal's sons WILLIAM and HARRY by opting out of buying the book.

She says, "The Princes, William and Harry, have done a press release to ask everybody not to buy the book and I'm not buying it.

"I just adored Princess Diana and I will not buy the book because it's gonna be on every TV show, it'll be in every newspaper. Don't endorse it by buying this guy's book 'cause he is a rat and a hustler. Don't buy that book!"

30/10/2003 02:23