Former X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne has been awarded libel damages after a tabloid alleged she was driving husband Ozzy "to destruction".

The television personality and ex-rock manager accepted a public apology and substantial, undisclosed damages at London's high court today over claims made by the Sun newspaper in October 2007.

Her solicitor John Kelly said the tabloid's allegations were "entirely without foundation" and were "obviously extremely distressing, hurtful and damaging".

He told Mr Justice Eady, presiding, the article had claimed Mrs Osbourne, who did not appear in court, was "driving her frail husband Ozzy Osbourne to destruction" and working him "so hard she will kill him".

The Sun article added: "Sharon will keep Ozzy on the road until like Tommy Cooper he dies on stage," claiming she wished her musician husband to continue touring to fund her spending.

Patrick Callaghan, representing News Group Newspapers said the publisher sincerely apologised and accepted that the allegations were untrue and ought never to have been printed.

News Group also agreed to pay Mrs Osbourne's costs.

A spokesperson for the reality TV star said: "Sharon is delighted to have won her case. She would prefer not to have to take legal action against the media, but had no alternative in this case.

"Sharon and Ozzy are pleased that they can put this matter behind them," she added.

15/01/2009 12:48:54