Sharon Osbourne will take husband Ozzy Osbourne back for good as long as he never turns to drink or drugs again, according to reports.

The 'X Factor' judge and the Black Sabbath frontman were living apart for a few months, but Ozzy recently moved back into the marital home in Los Angeles after overcoming his relapse into substance abuse - which began over the past 18 months.

Sharon, 60, is delighted the 64-year-old musician has beaten his demons again but she has warned him if he falls off the wagon again there could be dire consequences for their 31-year marriage.

A source told National Enquirer magazine: ''Ozzy will do anything Sharon asks as long as she'll take him back.

''He can't bear to live without her. But she's warned him, no more sneaking around behind her back doing drugs or drinking. Any slip-ups and she's out of there.''

Sharon and Ozzy shared their first public kiss earlier this month since reconciling.

The couple put on a display of affection as they arrived at the 'An Evening With Women' event in Beverly Hills, California, on Saturday May 5, where they were joined by their 28-year-old daughter Kelly,

Ozzy was seen planting a kiss on his spouse's cheek as 'Fashion Police' star Kelly looked on in delight at her loved up parents who had been living apart because of Ozzy's relapse into drink and drug abuse.