Sharon Osbourne desperately tried to ban her family reality show from broadcast after viewing the very first episode, because she was convinced it would be a ratings flop.

The rock matriarch admits she was horrified by the domestic drama depicted in The Osbournes series premiere back in 2002 and tried to stop MTV network bosses from airing it.

She explains, "I thought that I could (tell what is and isn't a hit), business-wise, and working with many different bands over the years... but I have to tell you, it's not always right because when we did The Osbournes, the first show they sent me, I literally called up our lawyer and said, 'You have to stop this. It cannot go out.' I was wrong. I was like, 'No way (can it be broadcast), please stop it', but we couldn't."

The first season of the show became the most-watched series ever on Mtv and it continued to run until 2005, documenting all the ups and downs in the family's life, including Sharon's battle with cancer and the aftermath of an Atv accident that almost killed Ozzy.