Sharon Osbourne quickly learned her celebrity ranking when Hollywood paparazzi trampled her to get to Johnny Depp.

Sharon recently went out to dinner with the hunky actor - who is tipped to play her rocker husband Ozzy Osbourne in a movie - and was stunned to see the lack of interest she generated when they were leaving the restaurant.

She says, "We were at this restaurant and as we were going out, there's all these paparazzi people and I'm like, 'Do I look alright?' and I'm looking in my compact (mirror), and I'm like, 'Alrighty then! I'm ready!'

"I came out of this restaurant and these paparazzi guys trampled across me. They were like, 'Get out the way!' I was like, 'Okay, that's alright, I'll go home.' They didn't give a damn who I was because I'm not a Hollywood movie star."

25/01/2004 21:05