Sharon Osbourne has threatened to castrate Brunei's PRINCE JEFRI, after learning the Middle Eastern royal wants to date her teen daughter KELLY.

Sharon, wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, is outraged after the SULTAN OF BRUNEI's 48-year-old brother contacted her London office to say he'd like to take her 19-year-old daughter to lunch - and insists he's just a "dirty old pervert".

She says, "(Kelly's) got those beautiful, white, voluptuous breasts that he wants to get his little dirty hands on. It's not like glamorous royalty. These guys - the brother and him - are two kinky old what-nots from Brunei.

"Allegedly, some very nice good-looking ladies from California went over to Brunei at Prince Jefri's request and he kept them locked up in his castle, or whatever they live in, in Brunei. He kept them as sex slaves for a month and they took their passports away from them and everything.

"So excuse me, Prince Jefri, I do want Kelly to marry royalty because she is a little princess but she ain't going out with you, you dirty old pervert!"

And Sharon won't hesitate to repeat the actions of penis-hacking LORENA BOBBITT, adding, "If you call my little girl one more time... have you heard of a woman called Mrs Bobbitt?"

14/01/2004 21:40