Sharon Osbourne cried all day before her son's wedding.

Jack - her son with husband Ozzy Osbourne - tied the knot in Hawaii with Lisa Stelly, the mother of his six-month-old daughter Pearl, and Sharon was so overcome with emotion she couldn't stop the tears.

Speaking on 'The Talk', she said: ''I started to cry from nine in the morning, and the wedding wasn't until six! I was trying to find some eye makeup because they were all gone and swollen.

''Lisa said to me after the wedding...yes, my daughter-in-law said to me, 'Are those tears of joy?'''

The couple married in front of a small group of friends and family and Sharon loved the intimate celebration

She said: ''It was picture book perfect. It was perfect. It was a small group of was under 50 people. Family and your handful of really, really close friends.

''Everybody that attended the wedding, Jack's friends and family obviously have know him all his...his best man was a guy he's known since he was two years of age. They went to pre-school together, in the UK! It was intimate, it was beautiful.

''When Jack was reading his wedding vows...he'd written this whole two pages and as he was reading them to Lisa I got more and more choked up and I'm thinking, 'My goodness me, what a man he is. What a great man'.

''I can't share too much but what he did say was in one of the vows, he said that when he comes home at night and he goes into his house and he sees his daughter and his wife, he's never felt so happy in his entire life as to see their faces.''