Sharon Osbourne doesn't like being an outspoken person.

The 60-year-old showbiz matriarch has vowed to bite her tongue in the future and stop telling people exactly what she thinks, because he potty mouth and strong views often get her into trouble.

She said: ''I regret being outspoken every day. It's like toads fly out of my mouth. You're being silly and then you go, 'Ooh, why did I say that? I really didn't mean that at all.' ''

Sharon - who has children Kelly, Jack and Aimee with rock legend Ozzy Osbourne - stayed true to her outspoken self when discussing Jack being dropped by NBC from new reality show 'Stars Earn Stripes' after they discovered he was suffering from degenerative disease Multiple Sclerosis.

Explaining her decision to quit the channel's show 'America's Got Talent', she insisted she is unwilling to compromise her beliefs for the sake of her career because she refuses to ''kiss ass''.

The feisty star raged: ''NBC should have been honest and said, 'You know what, we mishandled the situation, we're sorry and we're going to make a donation to MS in Jack's name.'

''I don't fit in that corporation at all, nor do I want to. And I'm not the sort of person who's going to kiss ass.''