Music mogul and reality TV star Sharon Osbourne has never been a huge fan of illegal substances - her drug of choice is food.

Osbourne, wife of former drug addict rocker Ozzy, admits to having tried marijuana and downers in her younger days, but prefers the buzz she gets from a traditional British roast dinner.

The 52-year-old says, "I was never really into them (drugs). One time, Ozzy put pot into some dinner he made for me, and I turned into the f**ing (INCREDIBLE) HULK and went insane. It didn't agree with my body chemistry.

"When I was young I took a load of downers - Quaaludes - but I hated things like speed.

"My thing is food. I'd much rather sniff a tray of roasted potatoes than a line of cocaine."

08/12/2004 09:22