Sharon Osbourne has added her name to the list of celebrities who have viewed Paris Hilton's controversial sex tape.

Hilton has been keeping a low profile for the past few weeks after a raunchy tape she made with ex-boyfriend Rick Solomon was leaked onto the internet.

And weeks after Pamela Anderson admitted to having seen it, Osbourne confesses she's also had a look at the recording.

She says, "I saw it twice... all that up and down. She looked good. Her tummy was tight, there was no cellulite. I mean, what's she got to worry about? She looked good.

"And my theory is, she's not married, she's got no kids, so she likes to videotape herself having a bit of nookie right? So big deal!"

But Sharon does find it coincidental that the scandal emerged just weeks before the debut of Hilton's reality show The Simple Life, which also stars Lionel Richie's daughter NICOLE.

She adds, "I must say that it's perfect timing for her show. I must say that Fox and Paris did a great job on the publicity. I mean, everybody is gonna be watching that show and we're all gonna be hoping to see some more of the old in-out, in-out from Paris. Good for you Paris. You go girl!"

04/12/2003 09:06