Sharon Osbourne says her husband Ozzy Osbourne is ''getting a lot better'' following a year of health battles.

The Black Sabbath rocker has been plagued by health troubles over the past year, including a fight with pneumonia and a fall which resulted in surgery, and now his wife Sharon has said he's through the worst of his struggles and is doing well, although she admits it has been a ''very very hard year'' for him.

She explained during an appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live': ''He did one year [of the tour] and then he got flu, which led to pneumonia. This thing happens to so many people, but he gets up in the night, goes to the bathroom, comes back, falls on the rug and bashed his head on the side table. Then he went this way and bashed his head on the post of our bed and down he went. He didn't put his hands down and he went face down, his neck went back and he had to have spinal surgery. He had metal rods in his body and the fall pushed the rods through his bones, so he had to have three major operations.

''I tell you what, Ozzy the other today, put together an x-ray of his upper chest and neck and no wonder they call him iron man. He's got bolts, he's got so much metal in his body, it's frightening.'' She added that he's ''getting a lot better, but it's been a very very hard year.''

The 66-year-old television personality spoke after Ozzy, 70, described 2019 as one of the ''most f***ed up years of [his] life''.

He said: ''It's been one of the most f***ed-up years of my life.

''I broke my neck in January, I had pneumonia, I've had f***ing blood clots ... it's been an eventful year, to say the least. I have been in such pain this year.''

And speaking about his neck injury, he added: ''I went home for a short break and I got two staph infections in two of my fingers. God knows how that happened. That cleared up.

''Then I did the New Year's Eve show at the Forum here in Los Angeles. That was the last gig I did, cos the following February, I went for a bathroom break in the night and lost my footing. I hit the deck like a f***ing ton of bricks.''

Ozzy's tumble was made worse as it aggravated an old injury he suffered during his infamous 2003 quad bike accident.