The rock manager-turned-TV personality took a month-long break from the chat show as she was suffering from "mental and physical fatigue" which led to a collapse at her Los Angeles home in May (15).

Sharon, who has previously spoken about her longterm struggle with depression, has now revealed she took time off work to deal with a nasty relapse.

When asked by radio host Jenny McCarthy if she took time off to undergo cosmetic surgery, Sharon replied, "Oh no, that was my head. I'd gone a bit crazy for a while... Just me and my head. I suffer with really bad depression from time to time. When I've got one on me, it's really bad... it's heinous."

During her appearance on Jenny's SiriusXM radio show on Monday (07Dec15), Sharon admitted medication was actually making the problem worse.

"That was part of (the problem because) I couldn't get on a medication that could help so it was all these trial and error (sic)," she added. "It's awful to be put on medication that somehow sends your head crazier than it already is... I tried loads of different medications, I probably tried about four or five different, until I found one that suited my chemistry and I'm okay."

Sharon returned to The Talk in June (15).