Sharon Osbourne was so desperate to expand her family after giving birth to son Jack, she and husband Ozzy attempted artificial insemination - but the process was "mental torture". The rock matriarch, 54, turned to in vitro fertilisation (IVF) in the late 1980s after discovering her fallopian tubes had been ravaged by a stomach infection shortly after Jack was born in November 1985. But the process proved to be too harrowing for the Osbournes to cope with. Sharon says, "Sadly it didn't work. After I had Jack I got a stomach infection and I didn't treat it, so the infection spread into my tubes and messed them up. So we went through IVF but oh my God, I just couldn't take that ride. "The wait for results, for each phone call, was mental torture. It did me in and I couldn't go through it again."