Sharon Osbourne will never try to change her husband Ozzy.

While the 'X Factor' judge was devastated when her spouse of over 30 years relapsed and started drinking alcohol and taking drugs again earlier this year, she says she has to accept who he is and love Ozzy for who he is.

Sharon told 'Extra': ''It's acceptance of who that person is. If you think you're ever going to change anyone, you're not going to do it. You love them for who they are.''

Ozzy has now been sober for 90 days but it was previously reported that while Sharon, 60, is delighted the 64-year-old musician has beaten his demons, she warned him if he falls off the wagon again there could be dire consequences for their marriage.

A source said: ''Ozzy will do anything Sharon asks as long as she'll take him back.

''He can't bear to live without her. But she's warned him, no more sneaking around behind her back doing drugs or drinking. Any slip-ups and she's out of there.''