Sharon Osbourne employs a full-time nanny to look after her 12 dogs.

The 59-year-old star has a dozen pooches to keep her and rocker husband Ozzy Osbourne company now that their kids, Aimee, 28, Kelly, 27, and 26-year-old Jack, have left home, but she needs help to care for her canines.

She said: "I'm solo. It's why I adore my family so much. And animals. They're such company. I rescue them all.

"I'm their hotel. I even baby sit my friends' pets. And I have a full time nanny just to care for them. Bella, a five pound Pomeranian, is my favourite."

The nanny looks after the reality TV star's dogs when Sharon is hosting daytime chat show 'The Talk', and she doesn't like to hold back while fronting the programme - though she is not afraid to own up to her mistakes.

She told the New York Post newspaper: "Do things correctly or I turn into an axe murderer.

"I'm not quiet - but I'm 59, I've earned that right - and I have no compunction if situations get out of order.

"None of us is perfect. Sorry now and again, I must fix up something sometimes and apologise if I've gone too far. I'm no pushover, so I apologise graciously, which you need to do - especially at my age."

Sharon admitted she went too far when she criticised Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle during a radio interview last year, where she described her as looking like she'd been struck with an "ugly stick".

She explained: "I did something wrong to Susan Boyle on a radio show. It was so cruel. She can't stand up and fight back.

"She's not outspoken. You don't do what's out of order to a weaker person so I apologised profusely."