Sharon Osbourne believes having a grandchild was ''one of the best things'' to happen to her family.

The 'X Factor' UK judge's son Jack and his fiancee Lisa Stelly welcomed their first child, daughter Pearl, into the world in April and the proud grandmother thinks having a new addition to the family unit was the making of her relatives.

Speaking on British TV show 'Lorraine', she said: ''Being a grandmother is a gift, it's an absolute gift and people go, 'Oh I'm old now'. But you know what, gifts come as you get older and grandchildren is one of those gifts from God and it's just one of the best things that has happened our family for years.''

The 60-year-old star is proud of all her three children, Aimee, 30, Kelly, 28, and 27-year-old Jack - who she has with husband Ozzy Osbourne - and she is glad they explored the rebellious side of life while they were still young because they've learnt from their mistakes and become better people since.

She explained: ''It's down to them (they're achievements) and not having a sense of entitlement and having an understanding of good work ethic and understanding that you learn from your mistakes.

''And they've done it all but I'm happy that they've done it at the right age when you can still get away with it. If they'd have a mid-life crisis it would have been 'Oh dear, couldn't do that.' But they did it all at the right time so I'm blessed with that.''