Sharon Osbourne insists she has a 'very great life' despite all the turmoil that she and her family have been through over the years, most recently when son Jack was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at 26.

Not long after Jack's diagnosis was announced, the former 'X Factor' judge broke down on TV show 'The Talk'. However, she now expresses pride in her son telling The Sun, 'Osbournes survive everything. We really do. Jack is doing really, really well.' Multiple Sclerosis is an incurable neurological disease that effects vision, balance and muscle control. On learning the bad news, Jack said: 'The timing was so bad. I'd just had a baby, work was going great. I got really, really angry, then really sad.'

Mrs. Osbourne has had regular TV appearances in the US since leaving the UK version of 'The X Factor'. She has judged on the talent competition 'America's Got Talent' since 2007 but now it looks as though she won't be returning for the next season having not had her contract renewed. 'I don't know if they are going to pick me up tomorrow for America's Got Talent. You go with the flow', she said and insists that she doesn't mind anyway. 'We have all been let go or not had our contracts picked up. You dust yourself off and you go out the door.' She goes on to say that she loves her life with 'Black Sabbath' singer husband Ozzy Osbourne for whom she acts as manager. 'I will go back to just doing my music business and love you and thank everyone.'